Get a taste of India with this authentic and fine range of teas. Each brand of the Madhuban range is made from handpicked leaves, blended and processed to perfection by master blenders in modern facilities.

Indulge yourself and prepare for an experience filled with flavour, strength and aroma with this exquisite range.

MADHUBAN ASSAM TEA: Take a break with this revitalizing black tea that is packed with flavour and aroma, while the gorgeous ruby-amber hue calms you instantly.

MADHUBAN DARJEELING TEA: Take a sip of this exotic tea and you know what luxury tastes like. Sourced from the serene tea gardens of the hills of Darjeeling, this aromatic tea with its beautiful golden hue is bound to envelop you in serenity.

MADHUBAN NILGIRI TEA: The perfect choice when your cup of tea has to pack a punch. Refresh you day with this dark and intensely fragrant brew with a full bodied flavour.

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