The international division of Godfrey Phillips India Ltd. exports its wide range of teas in both packaged forms and bulk to 30 clients across 18 countries including the UK, Ireland, Netherlands, Russia, Azerbaijan, Turkmenistan, Kazakhastan, Singapore, Kenya, Syria, Egypt, the UAE, Pakistan and Afghanistan.

Our international operations are supported by two exclusive tea manufacturing facilities, which are automated and modernized. They are also equipped with sophisticated blending and packaging machines.The leaves are plucked from the best tea growing regions of India the north-eastern state of Assam, the hills of Darjeeling and Nilgiri mountains. These are then put through a rigorous quality check and blending process by our master blenders and tasters with a combined experience of over a 100 years.


Both our tea manufacturing plants are fully automated and ensure high standards of hygiene in the entire process. Right from receiving the raw material to dispatching finished goods, the products are untouched by human hand.

  • The plants are ISO 22000 certified, which is a generic food safety management system standard. Certification under this covers all processes in the food chain that impact the safety of the end product.
  • HACCP (Hazard Analysis Critical Control Points), FSMS & FSSAI accredited.
  • Both plants have total installed capacity of over 90 tons per day.
  • Both plants use completely automated drum to remove impurities. Capacity of drum in Bazpur plant is 2000 kilograms per charge capacity and that of Kolkata plant is 1200 kilograms.
  • Load cell based line carton machine that packs cartons with multi-option linear composition.
  • VFSS machines for precision weighing and wrinkle-free packaging.


Our tea manufacturing is backed by an experienced and constantly innovating team of master blenders, tasters and experts with focus on providing the best quality tea to our international customers. Our exports are supported by a strong research division that not only procures and processes the best blends, but also adds to the expertise of identifying preferences based on geography.

  • Full-fledged R&D laboratory ensures quality checks as per FSSI guidelines and parameters.
  • Master blenders and tasters identify, procure and create table blends for Indian and international markets.
  • Expertise in providing solutions for international customers, customized to meet specific market requirements, keeping in mind parameters like competition and taste preferences.

We can help your customers get only the best.