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E-Cigarettes and E-Liquids

Vaping products like e-cigarettes, and e-liquids have become very popular across the world. Our range of vaping products are the most advanced in their category and comply to the strictest international norms. Backed by an IN-HOUSE R&D facility, our products are sourced from the pioneers of manufacturing in the category. All our e-liquids are made using the best quality ingredients in certified facilities in US and Europe.

Our commitment to roll-out the best products is evident in our investment to foster innovation and research, with some of our products being registered for patents.

what our customers have to say...

“When the iGen e-liquids were launched, I bought two flavours to give them a try. Now, I’ve become this vaping guru having tried almost all the flavours! The vape itself was smooth – just the right amount of nicotine and flavour, and no oversweet or dry aftertaste.”

–Kelly Smith, Arizona

“I bought the new four-in-one flavours box. It had four Cypher flavours along with some pretty good accessories. For someone who has been vaping for almost three years now, I must it’s a more than decent range of products and flavours. And as far as quality and experience goes, it is on the better side.”

— Mike Chuang, Newark

“I’ve tried over half a dozen brands ever since I began vaping. I must say Cypher has been a great range with such exciting flavours! My personal favourite is the Cypher Tropic – I could TASTE the jackfruit while the mango was just there in the back of my mouth. Pop is almost like an eclectic experience. There’s one for every mood. And the fact that it was tobacco free nicotine – just what I needed to kick the habit.”

— Peter Grant, California

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