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Our international range of cigarette brands bring together the finest of blends, the most technologically advanced manufacturing practices and universally popular packaging dictated by well researched market preferences. Each cigarette that makes its way across the world carries a legacy of expertise gained over 80 years and crafted to perfection for the ultimate smoking experience. Our cigarettes are unique each pack created for specific tastes of smokers anywhere in the world.


Widest range of quality tobacco & non-tobacco products.

Our range of cigarette brands exemplify the expertise and excellence that shapes our tobacco business. Every cigarette that is crafted at any one of our many state-of- the-art facilities tells a tale of a legacy dedicated to innovation, quality production and a keen understanding of a customer's demands in any part of the world.

Apart from a wide range of domestic brands created for the Indian market, we have a popular line-up of brands that are exported to dozens of countries across the world. Well researched consumer preferences across geographies give us an unmatched insight that helps us create the perfect tobacco blends. We understand that consumer's preferences can vary dramatically. So we have a selection of cigarettes that are meant to cater to a plethora of choices - each masterfully crafted from different types of tobacco leaves from different countries, blended to perfection for aroma, taste and character and packaged to maximize brand engagement. You can browse through our list of popular international cigarette offerings and choose from the existing line-up or share your specific requirements for a completely customized product.

Cigarette Manufacturing

From sourcing the best quality leaves to creating refined and customized blends, GPIL's entire process of manufacturing cigarettes is backed by an assurance of quality and a legacy of expertise.

Our involvement at every stage of cigarette manufacturing - cultivation, leaf threshing, cutting tobacco, development of blends, packaging & designing - means that a consistent and continuous level of quality and precision is maintained.

Design your own Cigarette pack or we will help you design it!

R&D and Innovation

We have some of the best minds working at our Insight Tobacco Craft Institute to recreate the craftsmanship of the tobacconist of years gone by and re-infuse the pleasure in smoking. The expertise and findings of our R&D sections drive not only our manufacturing, but our business strategies as well, enabling us to create the best blends for our international markets. With the use of latest technology, we create value not only for ourselves, but also for our customers world-wide.


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