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Godfrey Phillips India Ltd. cigarette manufacturing facilities are unmatched with state-of-the-art production & automation systems. Our innovative & cutting edge research divisions and intrinsically devised sourcing methodologies strengthen our processes, allowing us to ensure an uncompromising attitude towards quality and technology.

Our strong 80-year old legacy of crafting the finest cigarettes shapes our approach towards maintaining the highest standards of quality. Our ISO certified manufacturing systems employ the latest and most efficient technologies and blend globally recognized practices such as TQM, Daichi-Ban, 5S and Kaizan with well entrenched internal value systems. A well-established R&D division ensures that our processes and products match international quality demands.

We are the only company in India to have invested in Flash Drying Technology in primary manufacturing - a globally proven technology that removes moisture and improves the quality of cut tobacco.

The keen attention to maintaining the highest standards of quality is recurrent at every stage of the cigarette manufacturing process whether it is sourcing the finest tobaccos from US, Brazil & Zimbabwe; or establishing stringent guidelines for procuring over 400 non-tobacco products like paper, filters, CT paper & BOPP from all over the world.


Godfrey Phillips India Ltd. has 5 high-tech manufacturing facilities spread across India, from where our wide range of products make their way across the world. Each of these facilities employs the highest standards of hygiene, globally recognized best processes and environment friendly operations.


  • Cigarette manufacturing facilities which employ ASRS or Automatic Storage and Retrieval Systems for all raw materials with a storage capacity of approximately 3000 tonnes, a first in Asia.
  • High capacity at our factories with 16 makers and 18 packers including GDX6, X2NV, X2S, X300, Focke, GD121, Mark 9 and Protos.
  • 12 packers and 9 makers including GDX6, X2NV, X300, GD121 and Focke at our Rabale factory, which has been voted as the best state of the art facility.
  • The most high-end and automated machines for creating the perfect blend, ensuring that the tobacco is untouched by human hand.


GPIL’s cigarette and cut tobacco exports span the globe with our products reaching some of the biggest tobacco manufacturers in the industry today including Philip Morris, ITG, JTI, Eastern Company, European Tobacco, Libyan Tobacco Company and RNTA. Our constantly expanding global footprint spans all the major continents. With unparalleled tobacco manufacturing capabilities, we offer our global clients a range of services – from individual standalone services to turnkey production and supply of cigarettes. Some of our contract manufacturing services include:

  • End-to-end product customization: Right from choosing the blends and filters to specifying package designs, you can get a ready-to-market range of cigarettes.
    • a. Smoke analysis.
    • b. Leaf processing.
    • c. Blended tobacco.
    • d. Fabrication of customized blends.
    • King Size BOX- 10’S – 84 MM
    • King Size BOX – 20’S – 84 MM
    • King Size ROUND CORNER-20’S – 84 MM
    • SLIMS – 20’S-100 MM
    • SUPER SLIMS-20’S – 100 MM
    • SUPER SLIMS-20’S -84 MM (Nano)
    • SUPER SLIMS -20’S -83 MM (Queen)

  • We know flavour is important and we can manufacture a variety that covers a wide range of filters as per customer demand.

    • a. Charcoal
    • b. Mentholated
    • c. Regular
    • d. Recess
    • a. 100 mm Format: This format is for people who want a long lasting smoke.
    • b. Semi Slims Format: King Size format with a larger diameter as compared to the Super Slims cigarettes.
    • c. Super Slims: 100 mm sticks with 5.5 mm diameter.
    • d. Nano Slims: King Size Cigarettes with the diameter of Super Slims.
    • e. Queen slims: King size cigarettes with the diameter of super slims

We can help your customers get only the best.

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