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Godfrey Phillips India Ltd. understands the importance of innovation in the creation of the perfect cigarette. We have always maintained that one cannot emphasize enough on the importance of not just staying abreast with the latest technologies and processes, but creating them. This technological prowess is combined with 80 years of expertise to lend each product the exquisiteness of handcrafted perfection.

Cigarette Innovation

Our cutting edge Research and Development Division has the brightest of minds working to find and fine-tune the right flavours, designs and blends. We have successfully achieved the highest standards of production and have matched several Virginia and American blends as per taste, preference and market requirements.

Our Insight Tobacco Craft Institute was established with the aim of strengthening the passion for reviving the craftsmanship of the tobacconist of years gone by and giving the consumer the ultimate pleasure of smoking. The institute has successfully blended the traditional art of tobacco selection and blending, with the cutting edge science of tobacco processing and advanced filtration.