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Our chewing masalas are the perfect mixture of lime, areca nut, essence and spices like clove, cardamom and mint. We offer a range of chewing products with and without tobacco. Ever since the launch of the chewing products range in 2010, Godfrey Phillips India Ltd. has expanded its capabilities and offerings in this category. With a keen focus on exceptional taste and an uncompromising attitude towards quality, we use only the finest ingredients to offer the connoisseurs of chewing a superior experience.



It acts as a mouth freshener and does not contain tobacco. The products are free of magnesium carbonate, a testament to the commitment to purity and quality.


The exquisite taste of our Pan masalas and our expertise in chewing tobacco are blended together, to create a rich tobacco infused chewing product, more popularly known as Gutkha.


Our products are a quality mixture of chewing tobacco with seasoned spices and flavours with the exclusivity of saffron lingering.

Pan Vilas - Pan Masala

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