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Godfrey Phillips India Ltd. (GPIL) is the flagship company of the multi-billion dollar Modi Enterprises and is one of the largest players in the Indian tobacco industry. With an extensive product portfolio for India and the global market, the company has business interests in categories such as cigarettes, cut tobacco and confectionery. GPIL is also the exclusive manufacturer and distributor of Marlboro in India.

We have 5 expansive production facilities across India, manufacturing a range of cigarettes and cut rag. GPIL also has a strong production capability to make confectionery. For domestic operations and to know more about
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The International Business Division of Godfrey Phillips India Ltd. manages the company’s diverse and well-entrenched business interests across the globe. Driven by a passionate team with in-depth expertise in various geographies, the company has amassed a valuable repertoire of information about product and consumer behavior in various countries. Backed by unmatched production capabilities, a reputed line-up of products and the expertise of an 80-year old multi-billion dollar company, this team has been responsible for striking strategic partnerships with leading conglomerates in the tobacco industry. The company exports an array of products in both tobacco and non-tobacco categories. Additionally, GPIL helps international clients market products and offers professional services and expertise tailor-made to individual requirements, such as contract manufacturing.

The company’s international footprint today spans 50+ partners across 72 countries.

Exporting to more than 90 Partners Across 72 Countries

Exporting to more than 50+ partners across 72 countries. we are a reputed name in the international business circuit.

Top-notch Manufacturing Facilities at GPIL

Top-notch manufacturing facilities to produce tobacco for some of the most reputed international brands.

Functional Chief Executive Officer

K K Modi, Chairman - Godfrey Phillips India Ltd.

K K Modi, Chairman

Under his able leadership, Modi Enterprises has successfully diversified business interests across industries such as beauty, chemicals, education, restaurants and so on. Responsible for shaping the conglomerate’s core philosophy and vision, he has spearheaded every major development and decision. Modi Enterprises flagship company – Godfrey Phillips India Ltd., grew to be counted among India’s leading corporate houses. He has made a significant contribution to Indian industry and holds numerous positions in industry bodies, trade, education, sports and charitable institutions.

“We are very proud to be a company that is always exploring new and innovative opportunities and experiences beyond an established, traditional and successful business. I have always loved the challenges that opportunities bring.

As head of the Corporate Management Council, the apex decision-making body of the Modi Enterprises, I work with a thoroughly professional team that shares my passion to make the group a global player in the near future. The most prominent of the group companies, Godfrey Phillips India Ltd. is going from strength to strength internationally.”

Mr Sharad Aggarwal

Mr Sharad Aggarwal is at the helm of all domestic and international businesses of Godfrey Phillips India Ltd. He has been associated with the company since 1991 and is today responsible for all corporate functions. His vision is to make GPIL a large and diverse conglomerate and has set aggressive goals for the company.

“What makes Godfrey Phillips India Ltd. the preferred partner for leading conglomerates? It is our expertise built over the years. It is our strength as thorough professionals in product marketing, contract manufacturing and other consultancy services. It is also clear understanding of consumer and client preferences that help us deliver high quality products consistently.

Contributing to our success are advanced state-of-the-art processes that we own, from the superior quality leaf ensured by our Leaf Division to the high quality end products produced at our manufacturing units.

The company’s International Business Division reflects the values of integrity and uncompromising attitude to excellence that has guided our parent company over 80 years. I believe our rich heritage is the right template to a bright future and we know we have what it takes to be the right partner.”

Bhisham Wadhera, Chief Executive Officer, Godfrey Phillips India Ltd.

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