Author: Arnab Ghosh is the VP Marketing, International Business of GPI. If we were to draw parallels, in just 200 years, cigarette manufacturing has gone from the first-machine-rolling-on-a-farm-age to a multi-billion-dollar-global-high-tech-automated-industry-age. Not a very long period in terms of evolutionary references. But if we look at where the tobacco industry stands today in terms of products, […]

Decoding what goes into the hookah: All you need to know about Shisha

Author: Mr. Rajesh Kalra is the “Category Champion – Smoking Tobacco” The hookah has been around for almost half a millennium. While it is believed that the hookah traces its origins to 15th century India when it was a crude coconut shell contraption, many largely associate it with the Middle East and the intricately designed […]